Isolation Tool Kit: Banana Bread, Baby!

Like many others, at the start of quarantine, I decided to bake! And when I went to the grocery store and there was no yeast to be found, I decided to bake… banana bread!

(And before I start – I just saw a tweet that used ‘posting pictures of banana bread’ as an example of people moving on from anti-racism work and no longer fighting for racial justice, so rest assured, friends, I’m still making monthly donations to the ACLU, Equal Justice Initiative, and Black Visions Collective. Be like me, and deal with the compounding stress and sometimes-hopelessness of enacting massive social and political change by throwing money at it, then eat your feelings in the form of banana bread! We can have it both ways! Maybe!)

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Isolation Tool Kit: Moving My Body

And before I start going down the rabbit hole of health, I have acknowledge the obvious: I’m young and generally healthy! I’m incredibly thankful to have a job that lets me work remotely, indefinitely, for the same amount of pay! I’m not a BIPOC, so while my stress levels have gone up recently, they’re nowhere near as high as they could be! I live with my loving boyfriend and generally skew introverted anyway! Isolation definitely suited me in many different ways – but time still takes its toll!

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