App Recs: Movement


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Though I started running using Couch to 5K and then graduated on to Runkeeper, my fitness tracking app of choice is now Strava.

In addition to tracking my own workouts – runs, walks, hikes, and otherwise – I also use the app to see what exercises my friends are currently doing. This was nice in the “before times”, but is even nicer in quarantine times as a way of staying motivated, especially with no real races on the horizon.

I also use Strava for its challenges – my personal favorite has been the monthly walking challenges (generally 50K a month), though they offer many running and general exercise ones, sometimes sponsored with merchandise discounts at the end for finishers.

While this part of my life seems lightyears away at this point, Strava also proved very helpful for tracking my race training progress – I hope to use it again for that purpose! Someday!

obé Fitness

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I spent a lot of the beginning of quarantine relying on Zoom workouts. While these served me fine during the first few months, it gradually became tiring to search through different studio’s schedules and payment systems, especially as Classpass became less reliable and useful for finding new classes. The novelty of Zoom also wore off fairly quickly!

Though it was never that hard to find a good workout on YouTube, my time with Zoom classes made me realize that having scheduled class times made it a lot easier for me to stick to a workout plan. Without a set time to “tune in”, it was very easy to keep putting off class until, eventually, I had skipped an entire week’s worth of workouts.

I had heard of Obe from various YouTubers and friends, but finally decided to give it a chance after receiving a Nift coupon. I’m sad that I didn’t try it sooner, because it’s exactly what my fitness routine needed!

The scheduled classes have been exactly as motivating as I’d hoped and I’ve started to admire my instructors and look forward to their classes, just as I’d done with my in-person gym instructors. When a class doesn’t fit into my schedule, they also have pre-recorded classes that I can trust are up to the same standard as their live classes, which I already enjoy. They also have a great variety of classes, my favorites being pilates and power/strength training classes, though I don’t mind throwing in a dance HIIT or barre class once in a while. If anything, my only complaint is that they don’t have more classes – I would personally love more slow flow yoga classes or technique-based boxing classes, but I know that is just me being extra picky!

I love Obe so much that I’ve actually signed up for a quarterly membership – something I would’ve never done with a regular gym membership!


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An unexpected upside to quarantine is that I’ve been able to connect with old friends that have moved away – it’s been much easier to reach out and hang out virtually when that’s the only option these days!

Stridekick has become one way for us to connect from hundreds of miles away. Many of us share similar fitness goals, so we use the app to “challenge” each other to getting the most number of steps or active, exercising minutes within a given period. It’s been nice to have some friendly competition and motivation to work out!

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