Trisha Reviews: Quarantine Books

One “upside” of quarantine (ha ha ha, what a privileged thing to say) is that I have a lot more time to read! After a long day of working, I’ve taken to soaking up the sun on my front porch with some ice water and a good book. I’ve also started to wind down at the end of a long day in bed, curled up with my kindle (and away from my phone!). Routines are everything!

I’ve actually gotten through a lot more books than I thought I did over the past few months – take a look at the list below, along with some mini reviews!

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Trisha Reviews: Quarantine Movies

If you’re curious about the movies that I’ve been watching, check out my letterboxd! Add me! I don’t know anyone else who uses letterboxd!

I don’t watch as many movies as TV shows because I feel like they require more concentration and longer “quiet” periods to enjoy properly. Nevertheless, I have been taking advantage of having more “quiet” periods, in general, because I’m home, all the time… so here are a few of the movies that I’ve watched!

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