On Writing (Again)

Unrelated: How is this possible?? How is a digital version of the book more expensive than a physical copy??

It’s college graduation time once again and many of my now-college graduate friends have asked me over and over again – “How is working life?”

I always give them the same monotone answer. “It’s the same thing. Every day.” My eyes always drift upwards, I always let out a short sigh.

(My boyfriend hates this. “We do things!” he corrects. “We do lots of things!” I admit, I make postgrad life sound like the worst thing ever. It really isn’t… but…)

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4th of July Memories

2014-07-03 22.25.08

The Fourth of July has always been a weird holiday for me. I never really enjoyed summertime — the humidity makes me miserable, the heat tires me out, and the sun beating down on my skin feels excruciating. (You would think my Filipino heritage would make me think otherwise, but hey…)

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