On Writing (Again)

Unrelated: How is this possible?? How is a digital version of the book more expensive than a physical copy??

It’s college graduation time once again and many of my now-college graduate friends have asked me over and over again – “How is working life?”

I always give them the same monotone answer. “It’s the same thing. Every day.” My eyes always drift upwards, I always let out a short sigh.

(My boyfriend hates this. “We do things!” he corrects. “We do lots of things!” I admit, I make postgrad life sound like the worst thing ever. It really isn’t… but…)

BU Graduation 2015: I’m the one on the bottom left with my eyes closed – because I’m always the one with my eyes closed.

A year ago, I was terrified. What would I be doing every day now? Where would I go? Where would my friends go? What if I can’t pay rent? What if I can’t pay my loans? What if I have to move home? What if I’m stuck working at the Falafelshop for the rest of my life?

Now, a year later, I have all the answers. Isn’t that strange? I write emails all day. I work in an office in downtown Boston. My friends are scattered all over the place. I (thankfully) make enough to pay both rent and my loans. I (thankfully) am no longer working at the Falafelshop.

Having questions was scary, but now, having the answers is, arguably, scarier. Now, there are only big, looming questions: What am I doing? Where does my life go from here? When will I get married? When will I have children?

There’s a theory that – and I paraphrase – your life seems to pass you by when you do the same thing over and over again, and to break this cycle, you need to experience new things on a regular basis. Perhaps this is way “every day feels the same” – I’m letting life pass me by, not fully enjoying and absorbing new experiences.

To break up this monotony, I want to start writing again. I want to absorb everything happening around me and search for things to comment on. I want to challenge my brain to stop shutting off during my commute, during my runs, (arguably) during work, and, instead, get inspired by the little things.

The family playing in the fountains, the man reading across from me on the T, the couple holding hands in front of me on my walk home, all of it! I’m young, I live in a city, the weather is nice and the days are long – what am I waiting for?

Postscript: See this post I wrote exactly 2 years ago today – isn’t that weird?

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