2020 Gratitude: Ordering Take-Out

I was never really a take-out person in the “before times”. The closest that I would ever get to “take out” was grabbing a slice of pizza or a sandwich on the go or on the way to a friend’s place to hang out. Other than that, I would never order food delivery to my house. I was very put off by the extra costs and waiting time to have someone bring food to my house. If I wanted to eat out, I would go to a restaurant!

However, times have changed! Instead of eating at all of the delicious restaurants down the street on the main road, my boyfriend and I have taken to grabbing take out on a regular basis. After getting a car, we’ve also expanded our horizons to driving a little further than usual to eat at restaurants we normally wouldn’t have gone to before.

Though we both love cooking, because we’re home a lot more often than usual, cooking fatigue sets in a lot more often. Though we used to feel bad about ordering take-out because of the extra costs, we’ve forgiven ourselves for it in quarantine. We want our local businesses to stay afloat and are making a conscious effort to order from them whenever possible. I’ve even taken to tipping much more than I usually would, just to spread the love.

I don’t think I’ll continue doing this when we can go back to safely eating at restaurants – whenever that will be – but it’s been a fun experiment so far and I’m excited to try new restaurants and cuisines!

2020 Gratitude: Interior Design

I am not the only one who feels this way!

Little by little over quarantine, I have added little decorations to my apartment. In the “before times,” I would plop onto my couch for an hour or so every night, and therefore didn’t think too much about my surroundings. However, now that I am home literally all the time, I’ve invested more in the ambience and ergonomics of my living space – anything to make the days more bearable!

One of my favorite purchases of quarantine, as indicated by my tweet above, is a desk! I got it from Wayfair and it is perfect for my needs – it’s narrow and foldable, but still sturdy. I topped it all off with a laptop stand and a phone stand to keep things fairly sleek and organized (if you don’t look at my headphone cords).

Before getting a desk, I tried eking by with a lap desk, occasionally using one of our dressers as a standing desk. I tried making things more ergonomic – propping my computer up on the table with books, sitting on a stack of pillows, using a lumbar pillows – but, at the end of the day, having an actual desk with an actual chair has been the best thing for my body. My posture is better and, as a result, my joints and muscles feel better!

I’ve also invested in more art for the apartment! Researching different pieces and putting them up have been a big source of joy for me in quarantine. I’m actually surprised that we didn’t invest in art sooner because it’s been so nice to have the empty spaces in our home filled with things that make me happy!

Though I love all of our art, my two favorites are definitely the “Note to self” tapestry by Morgan Harper Nichols and the “Pilipinas” print by Bianca Austria. Like many others, I’ve become more conscious of how and where I spend my money, and am happy to support female POC artists who are making beautiful things!

My last favorite “thing” I’ve bought for the house in quarantine has been a floor pillow – but not just any floor pillow! A cat floor pillow! I was hesitant about the design, thinking that it was too cartoon-y to match with everything else in our apartment, but it ended up being love at first sight. It’s poofy and sturdy and very comfortable to sit on, and, as I’ve mentioned many different times, it’s another tiny pop of joy that has carried me through quarantine.

Look at those eyes! Tell me that they don’t make you happy!

2020 Gratitude: Squishmallow Family

A happy Christmas family get-together!

One of the greatest tragedies in my life is that my boyfriend and I are very allergic to pets. Even stepping foot into a home that’s shared with a cat and/or dog will cause me to start sneezing uncontrollably! Instead of owning real, living pets, we have pivoted to collecting Squishmallows – big, cartoony animal pillows.

A busy day

We’ve given them names, personalities, and arrange them around the house as if they are doing things and talking to each other. We even have short conversations with them (which is embarrassing to admit! but it does stretch my improv muscles, which is nice!) It is all very silly! In the absence of real pets, however, they’ve been another cute, little joy that have carried both of us through quarantine.