2020 Gratitude: Squishmallow Family

A happy Christmas family get-together!

One of the greatest tragedies in my life is that my boyfriend and I are very allergic to pets. Even stepping foot into a home that’s shared with a cat and/or dog will cause me to start sneezing uncontrollably! Instead of owning real, living pets, we have pivoted to collecting Squishmallows – big, cartoony animal pillows.

A busy day

We’ve given them names, personalities, and arrange them around the house as if they are doing things and talking to each other. We even have short conversations with them (which is embarrassing to admit! but it does stretch my improv muscles, which is nice!) It is all very silly! In the absence of real pets, however, they’ve been another cute, little joy that have carried both of us through quarantine.

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