2020 Gratitude: Ordering Take-Out

I was never really a take-out person in the “before times”. The closest that I would ever get to “take out” was grabbing a slice of pizza or a sandwich on the go or on the way to a friend’s place to hang out. Other than that, I would never order food delivery to my house. I was very put off by the extra costs and waiting time to have someone bring food to my house. If I wanted to eat out, I would go to a restaurant!

However, times have changed! Instead of eating at all of the delicious restaurants down the street on the main road, my boyfriend and I have taken to grabbing take out on a regular basis. After getting a car, we’ve also expanded our horizons to driving a little further than usual to eat at restaurants we normally wouldn’t have gone to before.

Though we both love cooking, because we’re home a lot more often than usual, cooking fatigue sets in a lot more often. Though we used to feel bad about ordering take-out because of the extra costs, we’ve forgiven ourselves for it in quarantine. We want our local businesses to stay afloat and are making a conscious effort to order from them whenever possible. I’ve even taken to tipping much more than I usually would, just to spread the love.

I don’t think I’ll continue doing this when we can go back to safely eating at restaurants – whenever that will be – but it’s been a fun experiment so far and I’m excited to try new restaurants and cuisines!

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