2020 Gratitude: Flight Club

image from bostonseaport.xyz

This one feels like a bit of a stretch because I only went once this year, all the way back in February. It was my last day in Boston before leaving for Japan, and we were celebrating my coworkers last day in America before moving back home to Asia. It was a crowded and fun night full of foods, drinks, and friendly competition.

(I learned that night that I am horrible at darts! You might think that it was because of the alcohol, but alas, no! I was bad from the beginning! I was still bad after several drinks! I never got better!)

For me, that night at Flight Club represents the last time I was able to enjoy “normal life” at home. After that night, I went off to Japan, where my worries about Covid-19 became more apparent and imminent on an every day basis. When we came back, lockdowns were announced at home, and we’ve been self-isolating ever since.

image from bostonmagazine.com

Though my score that night was terrible, I think back to that night with fondness. For one, I haven’t seen almost all of my coworkers in person since that night – which is very hard for me to believe! We picked finger foods off of shared plates (including the cotton candy pictured above), took sips of each other’s cocktails, and handed each other darts between turns without a second thought. Nobody was wearing masks, not even the servers, who often had to squeeze between us because the music was playing too loud for us to hear their “Excuse me”s!

Truly, it feels like a completely different world from the one we’re living in right now. If only I had known at the time…

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