App Recs: Creativity


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As someone whose education focused very heavily on science and math, there’s always been a part of me that wishes I was able to study art more. Because of this, I got a Skillshare account as soon as I heard about it!

Skillshare has a huge library of classes – from all types of art, from painting to writing to shooting video, to learning how to run a business, like SEO and bookkeeping. So far, for example, I’ve learned principles of graphic design and interior design, how to use Adobe Fresco, and the basics of street photography.

I still have a huge queue of classes that I’d still love to get through. I would love to move into a user experience-type role in the future, so I’ve saved a handful of classes about customer journey mapping and principles of UX. Beyond my career, I have a ton of fun and creative classes saved up as well, including creativity exercises, more drawing classes, and even a few about how to properly take care of your plants (because I definitely need that!).

(Perceptive readers will realize that a lot of the YouTube creators that I follow are also sponsored by Skillshare! They got me, OK!)

Daily Art

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I took a Skillshare class about art appreciation which made me realize that I know very, very little about art. To supplement my ongoing, newfound interest, I decided to download DailyArt, which showcases a new piece of art every day along with some historical context.

I can’t say I’ve learned a ton so far – and if I have, it’s been very incremental – but it is a little delight to open the app every day and see what new artwork is featured that day. There’s even an option to “like” art that really speaks to you that day.

Do I have a type? Perhaps

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