30 Day Song Challenge, Week 5/6

Day 21 – A song you like with a person’s name in the title
Say Anything – Every Man Has a Molly

This was definitely one of those songs that I was nervous about blasting on my bedroom speakers!

I got to see Say Anything perform all of “In Defense of the Genre” live, and I admit that I almost forgot about this song – until I heard that opening lick and my brain immediately triggered me to belt out, “Here I am, laid bare, at the end of my rope!” It was automatic! This song is permanently ingrained in my being!

Honorable mentions: Hozier – Jackie and Wilson (a completely different vibe from Molly, that’s for sure), every other song by Franz Ferdinand (the whole gang! Jacqueline, Michael, Ulysses, Eleanor, Katherine…), SZA – Drew Barrymore (another completely different vibe from Molly, Jackie, and Wilson, for sure)

Day 22 – A song that moves you forward
The Temper Trap – Fader

All of the songs that I considered for this category were on my running playlists. (Running went from one of the defining aspects of my personality to something that I’ve done less than 5 times since quarantine started over 3 months ago! Life is crazy!)

The only concert that I’ve stood in the front row for was The Temper Trap – almost 10 years ago at this point! My friends and I waited outside The House of Blues for three or four hours until doors opened, and we weren’t old enough to drink yet, so we didn’t have to worry about going to the bar or the bathroom. The wait was long, but the concert was so high energy and honestly would’ve been completely different if I were even a few rows back.

Anyway, Conditions is a highly underrated album and more than just Sweet Disposition! I’ll gush about it to anyone that will listen!

Honorable mentions: Young the Giant – My Body (tell me you don’t want to throw a couple of punches or run a mile after listening to this!), Vampire Weekend – Giving up the Gun (more of a mental boost than a physical one, but sometimes the mental is just as important), “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana (not a joke! This song has literally gotten me through a race!)

Day 23 – A song you think everyone should listen to
Lawrence – It’s Not All About You

Baby, baby, baby, it’s not all about you~

A fun song with a message that everyone needs to hear every once in a while (myself especially!)

Honorable mentions: Let’s just say all of Abbey Road by The Beatles

Day 24 – A song by a band you wish were still together
Big Time Rush – Worldwide

Big Time Rush was a huge part of my adolescence – a lot larger than I’d care to admit, even now! I saw them perform at my local mall, they performed at my high school (I still can’t believe this actually happened), and they were one of the first major concerts that I went to – the first day of senior year, with my best friend Christine, waiting in line for hours in the middle of Times Square, recording the whole thing on my iPod Nano (!!). We saw them again during our freshman year of college, with tickets that I very tentatively bought by going on Craigslist for the first time. One Direction, sans Zayn, opened the show! Maybe I’m not so shy about these memories after all!

Anyway, they just recorded a “reunion” video of them performing this song again and it transported me right back to high school! Uniforms and iPods and awkwardness and all!

Honorable mentions: Anything by The Beatles, again, obviously (I feel like Something is always my go to, so here’s another favorite!); 2AM Club – Let Me Down Easy

Day 25 – A song you like by an artist no longer living
Amy Winehouse – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

I think this one speaks for itself!

Honorable mentions: When I went searching through my library for other artists that are deceased, I found Mitch Hedberg right next to Mac Miller, and since I’ve already done Mac Miller, here’s a great Mitch Hedberg bit. It’s not music, but it’s audio! Still counts, right?

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