Trisha Tries: Vegan Eating for One Week

Last December, in a desperate attempt to shake things up in month 9 of quarantine, my boyfriend and I decided to try eating a completely vegan diet for a full week. We had been thinking about doing a challenge like this for a while – he was curious about how it would affect his athletic performance, and I was curious about how it would affect my health in general. I’ve always wanted to try a vegan diet but, as someone with nut allergies, I was worried about having to navigate a world of nut-based meat and dairy alternatives, so I never felt compelled to make the full leap.

I already eat a mostly vegetarian diet, so changing to a vegan one was not a drastic change. That being said, we did use the challenge as an excuse to seek out and try specific vegan swaps and recipes, and not settle into our normal meal plan sans dairy (how boring would that be!).

What did I learn from this week-long challenge? Read on to find out!

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New Year, New Me: Food Resolutions for the “New Year”

September always feels like a chance for a new beginning! Growing up, this was because of the new school year, while as I’ve grown older, it’s because of lease cycles, which usually start and end on September 1st here in Boston.

This “new year”, I’m thinking a lot about the habits that I’ve picked up over the past few years, and what I want to mindfully bring with me into the new year, and what to leave in the past.

This week, I’m thinking specifically about my eating habits!

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