2020 Gratitude: Brewing Kombucha

SCOBY city!

In the “before times”, I often treated myself to a bottle of kombucha whenever I needed a pick-me-up. In my head, I likened it to, “basically juice, but it has probiotics, right? so it’s healthy too!” (I wish I could say it more elegantly than that – but it is the truth! Kombucha is Millennial juice! My blood glucose levels are not fooling anyone!!!)

Though I knew it was possible to brew kombucha at home, and even got a kit as a Secret Santa present a few years ago, the convenience of getting right before checking out at the grocery store always won. However, the price started to add up as well. Quarantine gave me a great excuse to finally tear into my Christmas present and try out kombucha brewing for myself.

The process was surprisingly simple – brew some tea, mix in some sugar, add water and starter, and let sit in a cabinet. After my second or third batch, I was pretty comfortable with the process, and was happy that I could now sip some Millennial juice in the comfort of my own home, without having to go to the grocery store to satisfy my cravings.

The next thing I have to experiment with is flavoring – maybe in the new year!

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