2020 Gratitude: Lemon Water

I never thought I would be a lemon water person! 2020 has changed me!

I had always associated lemon water with a lot of other wellness “trends” that I never thought were realistic, like “waking up early to work out” and “meditating regularly”. However, I listened to multiple podcasts that referred to lemon water not as a way to jump-start my day with hydration and Vitamin C, but instead as a sweet morning ritual (and also that I should just have fresh lemons on deck anyway because they are delicious).

Normally I wouldn’t take life advice from a podcast, but hearing it on multiple episodes of different shows felt like a sign!

As the days get colder, lemon water has been a sweet (or rather, tart) little treat for me to look forward to after my morning coffee. Any joy that I can program into my life is a win in these times, right?

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