2020 Gratitude: Survivor: Winners at War

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My love of Survivor started back in 2015. I vaguely remember watching the finale of Survivor: Cagayan in college, but I wasn’t really interested because I hadn’t watched the rest of the season. Those same friends asked me to watch Survivor: Cambodia (a.k.a. Second Chances) with them a few years later and, in my post-grad boredom, I decided to join them – and got sucked in!

From that point on, I was obsessed. I found every season on various streaming services, read /r/survivor religiously (mostly to know which seasons were must-watch and which ones I could skip), and soon I had my favorite (and least favorite) seasons and contestants. I like to joke now that I can talk about Survivor the same way that other people can talk about sports!

In that same vein, this year’s (only! unfortunately!) season of Survivor could be considered the Super Bowl of Survivor: a season made up entirely of people who had won their previous seasons. What a treat!

In the interest of not spoiling anything, because everyone I know should watch Survivor, preferably not spoiled, I won’t go too deep into gameplay, moments, or specific players*.

Instead, I will say that having a TV show to tune into every week helped me build a routine and, as I’ve said many times before, having a routine has been the saving grace of my quarantine. Building that routine around one of the most entertaining seasons of my favorite TV show ever, with my favorite cast ever, was the cherry on top!

(* But if you’re interested, like I mentioned before, I can talk about Survivor like it’s a sport! So if you’re as obsessed as I am – let’s talk!)

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