2020 Gratitude: Crooked Ways

Of all of the unexpected joys that 2020 has brought into my life, a new Motion City Soundtrack song was by far the most unexpected.

Over the summer, I was able to indulge in the rare treat of my favorite band! releasing a previously unreleased song! from one of my favorite eras! and it was amazing!

This song is like a tiny, 3 minute time capsule of the style and mood of my favorite band at their (arguable) peak – something that I didn’t knew existed, didn’t know I wanted, and was pleasantly surprised to receive.

And the most unexpected part of it all: it’s all thanks to the Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight saga!

According to my Spotify Wrapped statistics for the year, Motion City Soundtrack was one of my most listened-to artists this year. I first chalked this up to going to their concert in early January (remember concerts?), but I later realized that it was also because I had Crooked Ways on repeat for a few days.

At the same time, it is both something new in a time where it feels like the same day is repeating over and over, every day, and also comforting and familiar, like a favorite sweater or blanket. Except also new! But also familiar! … It’s hard to explain.

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