One thought on “Mental Health October: My Therapy Journey

  1. Can’t see a therapist. Before I can open up, I’ve quit because they have told me a truth about myself. The truth hurts they say, but suffering from multiple mental illnesses is the truth what I need to hear? Yes. It definatley is. I just kinda scanned your post just now wanting to comment that I will always be my own therapist (thats nuts). But when I write, or talk things out… its like I’m working it out in my head as well. Hank you I’ve decided to check out that link you have posted for “find a therapist”. But I will still keep trying to blog because awareness means a lot to me too. Here was a time in my life I thought no one felt the way I do. I was the only one. It was a blogger that made me realize there are more of us out there. When I realized that I realized I could learn to adapt and overcome, other people have. Its the fight of my life but it can be done

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