30 Day Song Challenge Redux, Week 2/4

I’m actually going to publish these week-by-week!!! New blog, new me!

(This isn’t a new blog, but I’m treating it like it is! Mental framing is everything!)

Day 9 – A song that makes you want to have sex
Hayley Kiyoko – Sleepover


For me, Hayley Kiyoko’s music captures the longing hopelessness of having a crush so, so well, illustrated perfectly by my favorite line, “You wanna be friends forever, I can think of something better…

I used Sleepover for this question and not any previous questions, though, because of the chorus. The beat drops so heavily, arguably just like an unrequited crush feels like a punch to the gut! Her airy vocals give everything a dream-like feel, which nicely mirrors the lyrics, which describe her fantasy with this crush.

It’s not just the lust – it’s the care, the love, and the yearning that Hayley performs in this song that eked it out over the close second and third place finishers listed below!

Honorable mentionsCorinne Bailey Rae – Closer (this was a very close second, and Corinne Bailey Rae is still criminally underrated!), B├śRNS- Holy Ghost (this was a very close third, and I think this live performance really ~*~sets the mood~*~ that I’m getting at), Terror Jr – 9 2 5 (a very different type of horny, but horny nonetheless)

Day 10 – A song you like that tells a story
Motion City Soundtrack – Last Night

In high school, I had one other friend who was as in love with Motion City Soundtrack as I was – and this was her favorite song. Because of her, I listened to it many, many times and thought that the “backwards” storytelling was interesting, though it definitely took me a few listens to really understand it. (It also doesn’t hurt that it was inspired by Memento, one of my favorite movies!)

Honorable mentions: Hobo Johnson and the Lovemakers – Peach Scone (I almost bought a ticket to a Hobo Johnson show just so I could sing along to this song – or maybe it’s the thought of not BEING SO ALONE!!!)

Day 11 – A song that makes you want to cry
Julia Michaels – Shouldn’t Have Said It

I flip out at the small things
And you flip out ’cause I’m flipping out
And you’re so scared to say the wrong things
So you lay low and you shut your mouth
And I get angry and I hate it when you hate me

I saw Julia Michaels live last fall, and I was actually bracing myself for her to perform this song live, in case I started crying openly! It didn’t happen, which is probably for the best!

Honorable mentionsRadiohead – No Surprises (I have no idea what this song is actually about, but Thom Yorke sounds pretty sad in it – or is that just Thom Yorke?), Rhye – The Fall (this is much less about the song itself – though, that piano riff!!! – but more about the music video, which made me incredibly sad about me and my relationship growing old, even though I was 20 years old when it came out), Hobo Johnson and the Lovemakers – Romeo and Juliet (back-to-back Hobo Johnson shoutouts!)

Day 12 – A song you like to sing at karaoke
Ariana Grande – Santa Tell Me


This song’s got it all: Christmas vibes (appropriate all year round, but especially as far away from December as possible), Ariana Grande’s impossibly high vocals, many opportunities to inject dance moves, and enough repetition that, if someone doesn’t know the song when it first comes on, they’ll be able to sing along by the end! What’s not to love?

Honorable mentionsLittle Mix – Black Magic (I have a thing for impossibly high vocals, I guess), Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas is You (Christmas music @ karaoke 4 ever)

Day 13 – A song you like from the 60s/80s
The Temptations – Get Ready (60s)

Right before knocking me out for my wisdom teeth removal, my oral surgeon asked, “What’s your favorite kind of music?” with his iPod at the ready.

“Motown,” I replied, completely seriously.

He did a double take and hesitated for a bit before nodding and putting this song on and asking me to count down from 10. I got to 7 before passing out.

George Michael – Careless Whisper (80s)

One of the first internet videos I remember going around was the sexy sax man, who burst into random rooms and played this riff. I don’t even think George Michael, or this song, was on my radar until that video went around. I can’t even imagine a world without this song now!

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