Mini Blog 3/many, Classpass is Kicking My Ass

I first signed up for Classpass as a complement to my running. I loved running, and I still do, but training for a marathon all summer had me completely burnt out. I wanted to build my fitness back up but did not want to do it by pounding the pavement, especially as the cold winter months got closer.

The first “class” I actually went to was gym time at a women’s gym near my apartment. At that point, I hadn’t been to the gym in a long time, so I was a little lost about what to do – treadmill? lift weights? – but the biggest takeaway was that I was able to go to the gym and move my body around at all, which made me feel great after a long break from exercise.

After that, I used my generous trial period credit allowance to try all different types of classes to see what would stick. I had loved boxing when I was in college and took full advantage of different classes at several local boxing gyms. I tried out a pilates reformer and aerial yoga, both for the first time, and had never felt so out of my element in my life. I discovered a new love for Barry’s Bootcamp and rowing as well as affirmed my ongoing dislike of cycling classes. I even twirled so many times at a jazz dance class that I got dizzy and wanted to barf!

I’ve contemplated cancelling it in favor of taking up running and other outdoor activities again, especially as the weather gets warmer and warmer, but part of me has gotten used to the variety available on the app. So far, it’s been a great complement to my running, and I’ve noticed the benefits of cross training now more than ever.

All this to say – if anyone wants a free 2-week trial to Classpass, hit me up!

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