Mini Blog 3/many, In Defense of the Full Album

Since listening to the podcast Dissect, I’ve been making a greater effort to listen to new albums in their entirety.

The rise of MP3 players and music streaming apps have made it very easy to pick and choose which tracks to listen to. In my experience, this eventually turns into, “Oh, I like that artist! I mean, I know their singles! I’ve never actually tried listening to anything else!” This is not necessarily a bad thing – if an artist releases a new single, then chances are it’s a good song that they’re proud of, right? – but it definitely makes it easy to forget that they’ve worked hard on so many more songs. In many cases, artists work hard to make cohesive albums as a singular work of art (as Dissect taught me!), so I’ve recently come to feel that I should consume music the way that the artist intended.

This was especially apparent when I started going to more concerts where I only knew one or two songs – songs that I really liked, sure, but did I like that one song enough to drop money on a concert ticket and clear my entire night to see it live for four minutes? (Honestly, it varies.)

I’m definitely still a long way from the days of listening to CDs on my CD player – make sure you don’t tip it over or it might scratch the disc! – but I definitely like having more variety in my music listening!

I Love You, “I Love You, Man”

“I will see you there… or I will see you on another time!” (Source: IMDB)

“I Love You, Man” is my favorite movie. If I had a bad day at work, I’ll throw it on as soon as I get home to help me relax. If I’m having a good day, I’ll throw it on to make the day even better. If I need to get work done, I’ll throw it on so that I have some sense of the passage of time. If… you get the picture.

It’s definitely a niche choice. I’m sure that, in the grand scheme of things, it’s probably not the most memorable work in any of its cast members’ filmographies. It’s no “Star Wars” or “Lord of the Rings” either – people don’t go to conventions and scream “SLAP-A DA BASS” to each other (… as far as I know??).

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