JAPAN 2020: Tokyo

The long-awaited Japan trip reports are finally here!

Because the trip was so long ago, I think the best way to recap everything would be by the pictures that Bryan and I were able to capture instead of doing a day-by-day report. Honestly, because of ~*the current situation*~, a lot of our days were spent walking around and eating instead of doing more tourist-y activities, which is not a bad thing at all! We still had a great time! But that probably doesn’t make for an interesting trip report, especially since so much time has passed and I’ve since forgotten a lot of the details.

So today, we start with Tokyo, where we spent most of our time in Japan!

A view of Shibuya from the roof of Shibuya Fukuras
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Isolation Tool Kit: Journaling Everything

I’ve kept diaries on-and-off since I was in middle school. They’ve come in the form of handwritten notebooks, Xangas, LiveJournals, and, most recently, this very blog!

I stopped hand-writing my journals around high school, when I couldn’t find the time to sit down and write for pleasure anymore. As I got older, I became so wrapped up in school and work and personal commitments that I never seemed to have the time to sit down and write in a physical diary.

However, even in the first few weeks of self-isolation, I realized that I needed an analog hobby. I was spending the entire day either on my computer or my phone already, and my sleep schedule was getting overwhelmed at the amount of blue light I was getting every night! When I realized this, I bit the bullet and bought some new notebooks – if they’re cute, I’ll use them, right?

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