A Slightly-More-Than-Casual Rent Fan’s Quickly Written Review of Rent: Live

Okay, but where is Kiersey Clemons as Joanne?? (picture from The Advocate)

When I was in high school, my friend Ciara took me to a local production of Rent, featuring a boy that she had a crush on in the ensemble. Nothing ever happened between them, but the show did spark a lifelong obsession with the musical for both of us. Over the next few weeks, we watched the movie on repeat and learned all the words to our favorite songs – my favorites were “Light My Candle” and, of course, “La Vie Boheme”! (Try singing those, or really any song from Rent, as quietly as possible so your parents don’t question your new favorite movie!)

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Mini Blog 2/many (My Gatsby Silk Shirt)

I finally have it! After many moons of pining, yearning, hoping, and wishing, I finally have a Patagonia Synchilla fleece!

I don’t know when I started wanting one, but living in Boston (and travelling around New England in general) definitely played a big part in it. I’d see Patagonia everywhere – on the T, on people walking around, on my friends! – and I longed to be part of their comfortable (and presumably warm) clique.

I perused the sales online for months and months, and sometimes even went to any outdoors store I could find so that I could maybe! just! touch! one! before flipping over the price tag and feeling my stomach flip with despair.

Since I’ve moved to Davis Square, I’d frequently use all of the thrift stores around – Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange, and occasionally Thrive – as an excuse to get out of the house and walk around. (Especially when it’s cold!) I never go in with the expectation of buying anything, but I do like simply browsing around and wondering, why didn’t your owner want you anymore?

At last, yesterday at Buffalo Exchange, I found the new love of my life – a Patagonia Synchilla fleece, tucked away among all the other sweaters from no-name fast fashion brands, in my size! and in an acceptable color, for – and this is the best part – A THIRD of the cheapest price I’ve ever found online!

Dreams really do come true!

(Why didn’t your owner wa- OK, let’s not even think about it.)